Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Painting

We went to the Art Play Center for some Christmas painting today!

Alice was much more interested this year. She chose a gingerbread man ornament and she worked really hard to make sure it was all covered with paint.

Jack chose a snowman ornament.

Adding a layer of pink!

Putting on some finishing touches

Jack could probably go here every week and still not paint everything he would like to. He had his eye on this donut bank and almost bought it to paint later until he was lured away by a ceramic robot.

When they were finished, the lady from the store took their picture. Alice wasn't too sure about what they were doing. This year they chose to use acrylics with a spray glaze, so we were able to take them home tonight instead of waiting for them to be fired!

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Rachel said...

I'd love to hear where this is and more about it. This sounds like lots of fun!
P.S. Did you purposely choose that word verification just for me ("latie"). I'm sure it was a term of affection. :wink: