Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun Friday: Fa La La La La!

Today we visited the Festival of Trees. Jack and I liked the tree from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but Alice didn't seem too sure about it.

This fairy tree was really cute, too!

Jack's favorite part is the gingerbread houses.

We have to take a picture of almost every one.

Alice was pretty impressed this year, but she was probably more excited about seeing so much candy corn than she was about the actual construction.

Jack's absolute favorite was the gingerbread Hogwarts. He told me that if it hadn't already been sold, he would have bought it with his own money, and I believe him.

We've been doing lots of Christmasy things this week. Monday we chose our angels from the Angel Tree and picked out our ornaments (Tom and Jerry for Jack, Cinderella for Alice).

Yesterday we made gingerbread playdoh.

Alice has been enjoying her Christmas bin, too!

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Rachel said...

You are the coolest mom. When I die I wanna come back as your kid. I'm putting that request in now. Or maybe when I die, I should leave mine to you....