Thursday, December 1, 2011

Artist Study: Rockwell

In November we focused on Norman Rockwell for our artist study.

We read a chapter of this biography each day. It was really interesting and included lots of pictures.

A few more biographies--we didn't read these, but looked through them.

These books are both fictional stories based on Rockwell's paintings. In the storybook one, there are many paintings and a short vignette for each one. If we do more with Rockwell later on (which I'm sure we will since Jack enjoyed it so much), I will probably have Jack write his own stories about some of the pictures.

This is actually a children's book by Norman Rockwell. After we read it, we went to see what Willie (or at least his family) would sound like.

We didn't do any art projects along with our study this month because we were so busy and time got away from us. Jack really seemed to like learning about him, though. Several times he would go and get one of the biographies and look through it and he was excited to see a Norman Rockwell painting in his PE teacher's office window.

We're taking a break from artist studies for December while we focus on Christmas carols and we'll start back up in January!

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Amber said...

Yay! Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist. I have a ton of his stuff... paintings and figurines. I love him! We are going to study him toward the end of the school year and I will definitely get some of the books you shared.