Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Visit to Bethlehem

A few weeks ago a local church hosted a night where the kids could travel to Bethlehem and see some of the things Mary and Joseph would have seen there. Alice has been very into nativity scenes this year. She loves to talk about Baby Jee-us and Mary and God (Sorry, Joseph, but since Baby Jesus is God's son, Alice has decided that you are not yourself in the nativity set. That Joseph figure clearly must be God, because he's the father. Maybe you'll get to be yourself when she gets a bit older.) When we went to see Christmas lights the other night we parked next to a light pole with a big star and she got so excited because, "We're at the mayner, Mom!"

Watching Jack make something with olive oil--I'm not sure exactly what he made, but it's still in the container in a baggie!

Making a bead necklace

Jack and Max with their necklaces

Making a sheep

Jack got to use a hand drill for his!

The finished sheep!

We had so much fun at this! It was well set up and the kids enjoyed it. We were so glad our friends came with us!

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