Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Friday: Fun All Week

Really, this whole week was pretty fun. Monday we got to stay home and the kids played in the rain.

Tuesday we didn't have to go to speech! I finally had my camera when Alice demonstrated her scrunching skills at PE.

Wednesday we had lunch with friends at Andolini's. This was the last stop for our Route 66 trips!

After lunch we went to the museum, where they were having Spring Break drop-in classes. Alice loved getting to go in just like the big kids.

One of the kids I used to babysit was working at the museum. Yes, I'm old enough that kids I babysat have real jobs now. Gah.

After the museum, we checked into a hotel. My mom and dad got rooms so the kids could swim and play at the hotel waterpark.

Alice liked it a lot better than last time.

All the kids piling on Grandpa!

Thursday was a pretty regular day. The dryer man showed up again and it seems that *maybe* the dryer is fixed. There was a double rainbow, so maybe I got a miracle and the part won't have to be replaced.

Which brings us to today....We stayed home all day and Jack was able to finish the new Ninjago kit he got this week.

After four days, the rain finally stopped and Alice could ride her bike again. (Stripes go with stripes, right?)

We even had time for some fun school!

I even made a little progress on my desk area!

Happy Friday!

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