Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Friday: Getting Our Kicks

Our Route 66 trip west started yesterday.

Our first stop was Bristow, where they have a museum in their old train depot.

Gene Autry used to work there!

Next was the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler.

Alice and I watched a video on one of the laminated beds.

Just down the street is the Lincoln County Museum of Pioneer History.

Jack practiced for his upcoming dentist visit.

It wasn't on my list for my article, but we stopped off at the Arcadia Round Barn.

And then, of course, we stopped at Pops!

The kids don't really drink soda, so they were not sure what we should get. We ended up with Jolt--that they're not touching!, Stewart's Cream Soda, Pumpkin Pie Soda, Dublin Dr. Pepper, Strawberry Jam, and Blueberry Breese.

We spent the night in OKC, where the only thing we did was go to dinner with friends. The rest of the time was spent swimming and watching cartoons!

Our first stop this morning was the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum.

Some day Jack's going to be hanging out with friends recounting vacations from their childhoods, and after everyone else tells about their trips to Disney World and Six Flags, he can tell about his mom finding abandoned bathrooms. Hopefully he'll think that's funny.

We had lunch at The Rock Cafe in Stroud. The owner of the cafe was the inspiration for Sally in Cars!

Jack was disappointed that they didn't have a Mater.

Alice liked the fish!

We went 577.9 miles on Route 66 trips this week, so I am ready to rest! Read more about field trips here!

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Sue Smith said...

Thanks for 'taking us' along Route 66. One of these days our family is going to have to see these places in person.