Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fun Friday: Medieval Fair

I was too tired to post pictures last night, but here are the pictures from our loooong day out of town!

To Jack's delight, there was a Dippin Dots booth!

We spent a bit of time on the playground.

Jack loves tire swings!

Spinning a plate while touching his nose and standing on one foot!

Tossing the clubs

They still love the bouncy castle.

Jack rode the camel again.

Alice was sad that she wasn't big enough to ride the elephant, but she enjoyed the horses.

Jack looked pretty comfy on the swing ride.

Alice can pump herself now! We met friends at our old park and she liked swinging like the big kids.

Alice loved the playground. I wish it was still behind our fence!

Most of the time was spent down by the creek!

We got our (muddy) selves in the car and got home around 9:00. We were all exhausted!

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