Saturday, March 27, 2010

Medieval Fair

Yesterday the kids and I hit the road for a visit to the Medieval Fair. The hat Jack is wearing in this picture is the one he got on his first visit a couple of years ago. This year we were not studying medieval times, but we read some old favorites all week in preparation.

Jack has become quite interested in--obsessed with, really--the Magic Tree House books. He spent almost the whole car ride (about two hours) going through one of his new ones.

As always, we began with a trip to the bouncer. It's $2, but the guy doesn't care when your kid gets out, so it's money well spent if they have the energy to burn.

This year Jack decided he wanted to ride a camel.

We watched a blacksmith for a bit.

Alice had her first taste of funnel cake. I did knock off the sugar before I gave it to her. I'm not that bad of a mom.

Jack made his own coat of arms.

Even Alice got in on the dress-up action. Jay says I am raising little nerds. Maybe so, but they're cute nerds.

We watched the circus and Jack got to throw the juggler his pins while he balanced. This took a while since the pins were half his size and he throws like his mother.

Later he got to go up on stage and they juggled back and forth over him. They joked about an accident in the previous city and Jack wanted to know if I was worried and what I thought the accident was. He loved it.

All in all, the day went wonderfully. We left our house at 9:00 in the morning and didn't pull in until 9:15 last night, but the only tears were when Alice was trying to go to sleep on the way home. (Jack was a little indignant that he wasn't allowed to get a pet lizard as his souvenir since I had said he could have something, but thankfully he was pacified with a toy dragon.) Jack is already planning what he wants to do on our next visit!


Jay said...

That's not true; in actuality I said you were raising "nerdlings."

Rachel said...

Totally not fair that you posted all of these pictures and made me jealous.
But really, I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Lauri said...

Nerdlings! That is awesome. I call mine nerds in training. Be proud. We were ALL nerds too. Jay, you and I used to dance around my room singing The Monkees! Beat that.

Shonda said...

Nerds Rule!! LOL
You guys look like you have a lot of fun! Enjoy this time of your life. You will always remember these days! I always say that my favorite curriculum is "doing interesting things with interesting people in interesting places" and it looks like you are doing the same. :) Good job!
~Shonda (Fiar friend)