Saturday, March 20, 2010


For the first day of spring, I was thinking about getting a new bird feeder to put outside this window. That's ice you see on the screen there. Seriously.

This kind of weather needs to end. I noticed someone busting out of their jammies at breakfast this morning.

We had lunch with some new muffin tin cups. We're staying in and having chili tonight. Not my favorite idea for a first day of spring meal.

I am so. over. winter.


Amber said...

You guys have had in bad this year!! Hopefully the snow goes away quickly.

Lauri said...

It IS Oklahoma. You know there is always an ice storm around Spring Break/Easter time.
Also, That pic of Alice's toe had me rolling!!! When Alyssa was little she kept her toes curled under all the time. We actually worried that it would hinder her walking someday. She was able to stay in footies that would have been way to tight for a normal kids for months.

Edwena said...

Jen, love your new header!!!