Friday, March 19, 2010

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

We finished up our space unit with a trip to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum on Wednesday. We skipped the planetarium part because right off the bat, Alice had a diaper emergency that took about fifteen minutes to deal with, making us too late for the show. Don't tell Jack, because I didn't mention that part to him.

This was actually an out of order photo booth, but Jack thought it was pretty cool. They also had a neat looking exhibit where you tried to control a space vehicle, but Jack wasn't tall enough to do it.


This plane was one of Jack's favorite things there. He spent forever playing with all the buttons and switches.

Upstairs, they had several different physics exhibits. Here you could try pulling yourself up on different chairs that had different pulleys on them.

The simple machines display was fun!

Jack also enjoyed making the balls stay in the air.

The museum must have worn Alice out, because she slept through lunch.

So we got to goof around.

At home, we worked a new space puzzle...

...and Jack flew the glider he got at the museum.

If only we had a big enough yard to really fly it...

Last week at Hobby Lobby, I found these astronaut snacks.

Jack and I both agreed that we would rather not eat astronaut food!

Next week we start a short unit on bees--complete with a visit with a beekeeper!

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Amber said...

the picture of you and Jack is so cute!