Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Artist Study: Marc Chagall

 In February we learned about Marc Chagall.  Between the flu and computer issues, my bulletin board never was completely finished, but we did have a good time!

 There are lots of good children's books on Chagall.  Marc Chagall: Life is a Dream shows his paintings and talks about them individually, so it is a really nice one for lessons on particular pieces (like the last one pictured here).  Look! Really Smart Art is a neat book I found that shows how different artists use different techniques to trick the viewer's eye.

 I didn't make a note of the lessons I used, but they all came from my Artists board on Pinterest.

 I just realized Jack didn't get around to painting his background.  Did I mention how rough February was?  We're lucky we got this far!

One week we focused on I and the Village using the book I mentioned above and a lesson plan from Pinterest.  I think these turned out really nicely!

Now we're on to Paul Klee!

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Rose said...

I love the artist studies so much! Did you have art history or some other background? The kids are getting such a good variety of painters!