Sunday, May 3, 2015


If February ate my lunch, April finished off my dinner and then cleaned out the pantry.  It was go, go go, starting with Easter.
Bunny pancakes!
Easter morning
I forgot to take a nice picture of everyone before church, which is what happens when we're trying to get to the 8:00 service and get back home to cook dinner for the whole family.  We had a good time, even if we had to hunt for eggs inside because of the rain.
Lunch on the go!
Movie time--I think from when we went to see Cinderella.
Jack and Hope in the swing we got for Dad when they were tiny.  They can still (just barely) get in it at the same time!
We went to Crystal Bridges for the Van Gogh to Rothko exhibit a few weeks ago.
The weather was beautiful and we got to spend some time on the trails.

We finished up our spring semester of co-op in April.  (This is Alice telling about a picture she made.)
One night Alice and I made pom pom animals while the boys watched Star Wars.
New swim caps!
The kids picked these beautiful flowers for me!
A couple of weeks ago we went to Pawnee to check out the Pawnee Bill Ranch for an upcoming MetroFamily article.
While we were (sort of) in the area, we stopped by Eskimo Joe's for lunch.
Alice is finally old enough for the program where kids read to therapy dogs, so she brought some of her books to practice.
The kids took a Tour de Chocolat class at the library and got free books and hot chocolate.
{Just being cute.}
The other day I noticed that Alice was dressed like the bunny on her shirt: pink glasses, necklace, and skirt.  Later she put on a bow, too.
Last week the kids tried out a homeschool art class at the OKCMOA.  The class was centered around Andy Warhol's athletes series and then the kids got to make their own silkscreen prints.  It was a lot of fun!
Playing in the creek after PE!

April was crazy busy, but we had a lot of fun.  I think May is going to be more of the same!

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