Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saturday in Bartlesville

Yesterday we spent the day in the Bartlesville area.
We started with a train ride!
Our car--we went for about an hour round trip.
Ready to go!
Getting our tickets punched

It was a lot of fun!
After lunch we went out to Woolaroc.  Our first stop was the Mountain Man Camp.  This wasn't open the last time we went, so I'm glad we stopped by this time!
They have some different tents and things set up so you can learn about the trappers in the 1800s.
Inside the teepee
Anyone want a cat hat?
We also got to try shooting a black powder rifle.

We also got to try throwing a tomahawk!
Jack got it to stick!

Checking out some bones...
Then some living ones wandered by!

Playing on the rope swing

Checking out the animals on the wildlife preserve

For some reason, this chicken in the petting barn had an office chair.  A few minutes after this picture was taken, she laid an egg!

We also spent some time in the museum.

We had hoped to stay and go to the Kiddie Park in the evening, but we got rained out!

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