Saturday, November 14, 2015

Eight Years Later: Still Jumping In

 Eight years ago I made my first blog post.  That whole jump in where you are thing?  I'm still doing it every day.  After having evening activities four of the last five nights, my house (further) imploded.  This is what my kitchen sink looked like when I got out of bed.

 I'd like to pretend that that's the only scary spot, but this is what my living room typically looks like.  We obviously still haven't mastered the whole small house thing.

 And just for fun, here's where the clothes go when they're clean.  I will never take dressers for granted again.

I think the whole idea that you'll ever arrive at a point where your house is always clean or your to-do list is always caught up is a myth, especially when you're raising children. So every day you have to jump in again.

On the bright side, eight years ago we were preparing for deployment and now we're preparing for the new house.  They broke ground yesterday and the ball is rolling!

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