Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

 We had a lot of Halloween fun all week, starting with a trip to the corn maze with 4H Monday night.  This is one of the few pictures I got of Jack since he spent a lot of his time in the maze.

 Alice and I tried the maze a little bit.

 What she really liked, though, were the hay bales.

 They were open just for our group and we got to roast hot dogs and they had hay rides and a haunted maze (which Jack loved).  It was a fun night!

 Wednesday night the kids could wear a costume to youth group, so Jack decided to make himself a Jack in the Box costume!

 Alice got to wear her costume to her PE class, too!

 We went to Bass Pro Shop to have pictures taken and make a craft.

 Friday we went to IHOP for the scary face pancakes.

 We also carved our pumpkins and watched Halloween shows that night.

 Saturday the kids were ready to trick or treat.

 Since I went with them, we left a box of candy for trick or treaters.  Hopefully the first person didn't take all of the candy!  (You'll notice we never got around to giving our scarecrows heads...)

 We started in our neighborhood, but there were a lot of houses where people weren't home.

 So after we finished in our neighborhood, we went to Jay's sister's house.

 Jay and Jack were moving fast, so the girls went separately.

 Their stashes!

After the sorting and counting, it turned out they had their best year ever--Jack got 255 and Alice got 150!

Happy Halloween!

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