Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Word of the Year: 2015 Edition

Since we're at the end of 2015, I thought it might be a good time to get in my Word of the Year post.  It seems appropriate for this crazy year to have it crammed in at the last minute since that's how so much of life went this year.  

I started the year with another word, and now I couldn't even tell you what that word was, but I did keep thinking it wasn't quite right.  I had a lot of time to think about these kinds of things walking back and forth to the dog kennel in the freezing rain and snow over the winter months.  One day we had a surprise showing--because for some reason, people only decided they wanted to look at our house an hour or so before coming out, and if you've ever tried to get 3800 square feet of house show ready in that amount of time, you'll know how I was feeling.  Anyway, I had been to the dentist and was getting ready to take the kids swimming and to PE and several other things when Jay called to let me know we had a showing.  And I panicked.  Big time.  We drove home as fast as we could and the kids and I started cleaning like crazy and then my friend came and got the kids and took them to their things while I finished.  In the end, I got done 20 minutes before the people were to arrive, which was good, because that's when they showed up.  I was a mess by then, but the house looked fabulous.  

As I was walking the dog over that evening, I thought that it had been a really, really awful day and that I wasn't sure how I was going to keep doing this, but at least today my kids had worked hard and today my friend had done us a huge favor and today we had gotten through it.  And that's really how I had to look at most of the year:  What good things happened today?  What do I need to do today to get through this?  Because if I had always tried to look at what I needed to do to get through until we were in the next house, I would probably have been institutionalized sometime around March. 

This was a really, really hard year, but we made it.  Today we're in a tiny, messy rent house with no realistic hope of ever having things organized while we're here.  But today I planned our New Year's Eve party and I can leave up the decorations as long as I want because we don't have a showing scheduled January 2 like we did last year.  (We literally spent every holiday either showing the house or getting the house ready for a showing the next day until July 4.)  Today all I need to do is get some pants ironed before bed.  Today is pretty good.

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