Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pumpkin Patches

 I remember back before Jack was born when a friend was telling me that they were going to go to the pumpkin patch and that they went several times because they loved it so much.  I was totally confused, because what fun was it to go sit in a field of pumpkins?  Clearly I was clueless.  Now we spend our Octobers going to multiple pumpkin patches in the area!
 We started at Carmichael's in Bixby.  This one is so picturesque and it's free to go, which is nice, too!

 We always love to feed the animals.

 And, of course, we have to ride the ponies.

 And when you get too tall for the ponies, you can ride a camel!

 We visited Pumpkinville in Oklahoma City over fall break.

 It's not a pumpkin patch, but we also went to the Spook-a-rama at the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville.

 There's Pumpkin Town, too!

 We always have to take a picture with the playhouse!

 Pumpkin Town does charge admission, but almost everything there is free, including face painting!

 We wrapped up the month with a trip to Shepherd's Cross in Claremore.

 It was so crazy hot that it didn't even seem like going to the pumpkin patch and I took about three pictures there.  It was pretty weird since it's always cold and windy when we go!

We can't wait to visit them all again next year!

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