Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wee Gillis

 I'm slow to blog about it, but we are doing school!  Alice recently rowed Wee Gillis and we used many of the same books that Jack used a few years ago.

 We measured lung capacity.

 We made Scottish shortbread.  I can't find the recipe we used, but it was delicious!

 She had oatmeal for breakfast.  She likes to eat plain oats, so I was surprised she didn't like it!

 We attended ScotFest--and there was even fog over downtown!

 With Nessie

 Attempting the caber toss!

 Not bad!

 We also watched some of the Highland dancers.

By some miracle, we even made the bagpipe craft I had planned for Jack so long ago that we never got to!  We had lots of fun!

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