Saturday, January 7, 2017

Da Vinci: The Genius

 This week we went to a special exhibit at the science museum on DaVinci.

The first part of the exhibit had models of things he had designed, like this bike.
This was an emergency bridge that didn't need nails or rope to hold it together.  There was a small version you could try to put together, too.
Jack and a jack.
The mirror room!

There was also a section of models you could try out.

Another area was about his art.

The section I thought was the most interesting was on the Mona Lisa.

There are actually four different paintings layered on top of each other.  The third painting was of Lisa Gherardini.
Even though it's been though that the Mona Lisa was a painting of Lisa Gherardini, you can see that they are actually separate paintings.
This is how the Mona Lisa would have looked when it was painted.
On the left you can see the original colors and on the right you can see how it looks today.

It was a really interesting exhibit!
We did take some time to check out other parts of the museum, too!

I'm glad we went Tuesday because if we had waited until Friday like we had originally planned, we would have missed it due to the weather!

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Kendra said...

This exhibit was in Tasmania!! It was a lot of fun when it was here!! :D