Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

 Happy New Year!  If you're on Facebook, these pictures will look familiar, because they're the exact same ones.  My camera is not working on my phone, so I used Jack's, and I haven't downloaded the rest yet!

 This year we pretty much did our same thing with our bags.  (So nice to have a better place to put them than we had last year!)

 At 5:00 we made kinetic sand.

 6:00 was dinnertime and we made fondue!

 We also went through the memory jar.  Lots of good memories this year!

 At 7:00 we did several Minute to Win It games.  This one was where they were trying to catch cotton balls the other one was throwing.

 In this one they set up an obstacle course and then had to complete it backwards with only a handheld mirror to help them.

 At 8:00 we went to our neighbors' house for a while to their party.

 We came back home a little before 11:00, which was when they opened Suspend.  This game is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I should have gotten the junior version!

 Just before 12:00 they got their last surprise of the evening...

 a Hatchimal!  I was out Christmas shopping when my friend texted me that they had them at ToysRUs, so I ended up getting one.  Jack had mentioned to me several times that he would like one, so it was fun to get to surprise them!

We made it to midnight!  I was hoping to go right to bed, but we had to stay up to see the Hatchimal break out of his egg!  Happy 2017!

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