Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Flat Knight's Day in Brooklyn

We received an update today from Sir Bluey and his most recent host, Patrick:

I had initially suggested to him that he go into Manhattan and see some of the famous sights. But, as you will see, he decided instead to loaf around Brooklyn all Sunday (much as I usually do.)
Here are his highlights:
First, he rode the subway to downtown Brooklyn.
Once he got off, he strolled about, enjoying the fine weather.
(Apparently, it was trash day.)
He stopped at a deli for a sandwich.
I believe he requested his ham sliced "extra thin."
Next, he stopped by the Brooklyn Art Museum...
...where a very strange sculpture was on display.
Then, in the museum parking lot, he came across the
famous Statue of Liberty!
Well, not quite...Undaunted, he walked to the East River, to see the
famous Brooklyn Bridge.
Atop the bridge, he ran into my friend Sara and I.
We posed for some pictures with him.
All in all, he had a fine day.

Thanks to Patrick for showing him around! Next stop: Philadelphia!

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