Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Apple Orchard

We went on a field trip to a small apple orchard last week. It was killing Jack not to climb this tree.

When we got there, the owners told us a little about the apples and the chestnuts they also had.

The chestnuts are supposed to fall out of the pod when it opens.

Sometimes it doesn't happen quite that way, though, and you have to watch out for the prickly pod.

Alice had a good time picking up the nuts. We have a bunch of them to roast.

They had some Arkansas Black Apple trees.

Most of the apples on that tree had apple scab (sounds lovely, doesn't it?), but there were a few that looked nice.

Their Golden Delicious tree was doing well, though, and all of the kids got apples to taste.

Come back soon for pictures of our apple party!

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