Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Official: We're Hicks

A couple of months ago we had these giant mushrooms in our yard. Some of them were about the size of Alice's head. No kidding. Today we were on our way to the mailbox when we noticed more of them--not quite so large this time, but still good-sized, which lead to our latest pastime...

Mushroom demolition. I like to pull the mushrooms (There is something so satisfying about the give when you pull it out. It's like fungal therapy or something.) and Jack likes to destroy them.

We went all over the yard searching for mushrooms until the lawn looked like a foam factory had exploded. It was awesome.

To top off the fun, our neighbor came over and told us all about the hunting he's been doing this season and the coyotes in the driveway. Yep, we're country folk now!


Amber said...

You have coyotes, we have bears!! :-) I do think I am becoming partial to the country.

Robyn said...

The picture of Jack kicking the mushroom is awesome! :) LOL