Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Circus

A couple of weeks ago we got a flier about a circus coming to town and I got excited. We would row Andy and the Circus! And then I saw that Amazon had one copy and it was over $100.00. (Now, though, it looks like they have some for much less, in case you're in the market.) Then it occurred to me that we already had Andy and the Lion and there is a circus in it, too, so the choice was clear. It's also clear that people named Andy go to a lot of circuses.

Anyway, we got tickets and headed out on the cold rain so Jack could see his first circus. I was a little hesitant because it was kind of in the middle of nowhere and I wasn't sure what to expect. It seemed like this might be one of those situations where I learn not to hype things up too much because they might very well fall flat.

We had front row seats! See all those red and blue seats behind them? They stayed empty the whole time. I don't know if that was the weather or if that's normal for a little circus.

We passed the time until the show started by eating uber-expensive snacks.

Jack thought the dogs were great!

They also had "bigger" acts, like these acrobats on giant wheels. It made me kind of nervous. I have watched enough 80s mystery TV to know that someone always messes with the safety equipment in order to knock off a rival performer, so I was worried about what my child was going to witness. (I've also seen Elmer Gantry, so I checked out the exits when we got in the tent.)

He seemed to be concerned, too.

Lots of acrobats--and they must all get along well since no one was offed during the performance.

At intermission, Jack got to ride an elephant.

Note to self: Make sure there is never more than one skateboard in the house. (That's probably more of a concern for Alice than it is for Jack.)


Did you know elephants are crazy fast? I was wondering if the front row seats would lead to our tragic demise. (I seem to have an issue with circuses, don't I?)

It turned out to be a great time! A clown had me toss a hoop to him and I got this giant balloon in return. Throwing well is not a skill I possess, so I really had to work for that balloon, which promptly exploded in the car on the way home, deafening us all temporarily.


Amber said...

You are so funny!! :-) Circuses are fun and I'm glad Jack got to ride an elephant. That was one of the highlights of my childhood.

Anonymous said...

What does uber mean?