Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Pass the Time

If you've had record amounts of snowfall and your clinic has been closed for two days, you might wonder what you can do to occupy yourself. Jay decided to try to dig out the driveway today. I was a little concerned it might be like last year when he came in seeming a bit dazed, but I was impressed at how easy it seemed to be. Well, at least it looked easy for him from my post inside by the space heater, sipping a Coke.

After a couple of hours, he had made a pretty good start.

By dinner, the driveway was shoveled into submission.

That's close to eight hours of work there.

(Excuse the poorly photoshopped cabin, but I feel a bit odd about putting my house on the internet for my millions of readers to see.) The schools here are out for the rest of the week (except for my poor child), so the only one who will be driving on this is Jay. In a few years, though, Jack may be getting snow days off to shovel alongside his dad!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Jay did all that shoveling! Amazing. Can he come do would only take him a couple of hours to do it.