Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Trip to the Vet

Last week we took a field trip to the vet. Jack was really excited!

The vet told us that the dog had eaten something and the kids got to feel around to see if they could tell what it was.

They weren't sure, so the poor dog had to get an x-ray.

Oh, no! Scissors!

It was off to the operating room next, and the dog was back to normal.

The kids all got stethoscopes, too. Alice tried hers out on herself.

Jack used his on a dog

and on a cat, too! These were the most compliant animals I've ever seen!

Our last station involved learning about blood. The kids made "blood" so they could see the different parts.

Then they tried to identify the parts on a slide.

Jack's favorite part? The giant blow-up flea he got at the end!

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