Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

The snow drifted up on the school room windows today, but we kept on as usual.

When the weather is as bad as it is, we might as well have school. We'll save our snow days for when the weather's better.

We did have some fun, though. We brought out the new Valentine's Day sensory bin.

Our Valentine's Day books came out, too. Now Jack is big enough to read them on his own.

After our school work was done, Jack got out a Playmobil set he got for Christmas but hadn't opened yet. That took the rest of the afternoon and about half an hour on the video camera for shooting his adventure movie.

Alice seemed to think she was going to get to go outside, but she was mistaken.

Jack bundled up and went out while Jay did some shoveling.

Some of the drifts were up to his armpits. He had been dying to get in them all day.

When he came in, we made some snow ice cream.


Everyone is out again tomorrow, but we're going to stay with it!

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