Friday, September 30, 2011

Composer Study: Mozart

Composer and Artist Study is something new we've added in this year. Each month we'll spend a bit of time learning about a famous composer or artist. Right now we're doing this once a week, and my main goal is exposure. Eventually we will do more formal lessons, but at this point I just want him to become familiar with a variety of famous artists and composers and to enjoy them. We started with Mozart because Jack already knew a bit about him thanks to Moonlight on the Magic Flute. Jay put this bulletin board up for me and I'll switch it out each month.

Since I'm trying to keep this fun, we're not doing much written work. If you are looking for lapbooking or notebooking things, Jimmie has some great ideas! As Jack gets older, I am thinking we will start a notebook on composers and artists.

Some of the books we read over the month--we especially enjoyed Mozart Finds A Melody and Mozart: The Wonder Child.

Probably Jack's favorite thing about this time is that we usually have a "tea time" along with it. We have some kind of special treat--though it's never been tea--and read a story and listen to some music. We also listed to some of the programs from Classics for Kids. (Both kids look a little sugared-out here.)

Jack made a request for pumpkin pie--his favorite!

One week we made these yummy acorn snacks.

I keep all of our related books in one basket, which I store under this end table. It works well to keep these together but not out in the school room where Alice can easily pull them out and put them in a hiding spot. When our day for composer study rolls around, I can actually find what I'm looking for!

Next up: Picasso!

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Amber said...

I love it!!! I really do! And the bulletin board is a great idea! I'm off to find some wall space....