Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off to the Races

(This picture doesn't really have much to do with anything. I just thought it was cute--maybe not so much as we were getting soaked while waiting for her to cross the schoolyard, but now that I'm dry and she's asleep, it's much cuter.)

For once, I'm going to share a post on the day I actually read it! I've been reading Kelle Hampton's blog for a while now, and today I think I injured my neck from my vehement nods while reading this. I can't fit it all in. Just when I think I have, something (or more than one something) falls apart.

I loved Kelle's Kentucky Derby comparison so much I was thinking maybe I should rig up some kind of little horses on string to hang in the entry. Jay could come in and see that Ole Swiffer was in the lead and Lord Laundry was holding his own, but Dinnertime Dandy was doing poorly and we were just having Hamburger Helper to eat.

Today was a day where most of my horses were a little pokey. Some were downright lame and worried about being shot. It rained all night and would have been the perfect day to stay home and read, but we had to go to speech and run errands. As I was getting dressed, Alice was curled in our blankets singing, "I love my family!" It was adorable, but I had to hustle her off for a diaper change so we could leave. I don't know how moms who have their kids in school get them there on time each morning. Speech--all three times we've been so far--has given me a whole new empathy for my frequently tardy students. I thought I was doing pretty well today--I was dressed acceptably and wearing makeup, but as I signed Jack in at the school, it dawned on me that my hair looked exactly the way it did at 6:50 this morning when Alice woke me up and I fumbled for a hair band (this kind, not this kind). Poor Sir Style loses again.

Tomorrow is another day, though, and the horses will ride again. If you want an inside tip, though, stay away from Sir Style and Ole Swiffer.

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