Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alice School

{Alice in her self-styled costume.}

As Jack was in PE this week, I was out in the hall talking with Alice. A lady walked up and said, "Is she doing her sight words yet?" At first I didn't say anything, because I thought she must be on the phone or something, because few toddlers know their sight words. Then she stopped and said, "Is she working on blends?" She was talking to me! About Alice! I was so genuinely surprised, I didn't say anything for a minute. Finally I said, "She's two!" "Oh, yes, but she's so verbal!" She went on to tell me about how I could use some Classical Conversations thing and she's be reading in no time. Um, no, thanks.

If your toddler wants to learn to read, that's great. But for most toddlers, mine included, learning is much more fun when you're doing. Sitting still is for suckers, and my girl's no sucker. Most days Alice tags along where she can with what Jack is doing. She recognizes the Five in a Row books we've done and loves to listen. I've been doing go-alongs for her where we can and she's having fun, even if she doesn't know what sound br- makes.

I'm trying to get out the messy stuff more often. She is pretty good about not running off while she's covered in paint.

Playing with her new farm felt set

Both kids loved this monster game I found for super cheap a while back!

One of her favorite things to do is cut tiny pieces of paper and then color them--with crayons she has peeled. It makes a mess, but her "work" keeps her busy for quite a while, so it's helpful when Jack and I are trying to get something done!

And, of course, there's lots of reading going on!

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Kisha said...

Good for you for not rushing things with your daughter and allowing her to be TWO!! Geesh! The pressure is starting earlier and earlier.