Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

Jack really enjoys Halloween, so we've been having some fun lately. We painted pumpkins!

The kids cleaned our pumpkin out--Alice was not sure what to think about it.

Jack found a picture he liked in a book, so Jay drew it on and carved it.

We had supper by the light of the jack o'lantern!

This morning we had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast--and then pop tarts, because the kids didn't really care for the pancakes and I didn't care to create even more of a mess in the kitchen!

Remembering how squirrely kids are at school on Halloween, we went to the zoo today to wrap up our giraffe unit.

We were pretty impressed by all the decorations for the Halloween event. The kids LOVED the Scooby section--Scooby was even in the van!

For supper we had mummy meatloaf, and then it was off to our friends' house for trick or treating.

Luke and Leia!

Jack would probably trick or treat all night if he could. Alice did a pretty good job, though she often told people about her bubba instead of saying, "Trick or treat!" When we stopped at our friends' mom's house, we borrowed a wagon, which made things a lot easier!

The stash--one and a half buckets of candy!

Happy Halloween! And don't forget that the Homeschool Share blog goes live tomorrow!


Jay said...

That's Alice's stash. Jack's is much bigger.

Anonymous said...

What is on the mummy meatloaf?

Amanda in RI said...

Love the jack-o-lantern! And the costumes are great! :)

Michele said...

What fun! I love the Mystery Machine!
Jen you won my Shutterfly giveaway! Can you send me your email address and I'll get your code to you! Magerrells(at)comcast(dot)net.