Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Another New Year's Eve, another round of New Year's Bags!

We started at 5:00 with a new playdoh set.

Jack could hardly wait until each hour rolled around!

6:00 was dinner--fish sticks at Jack's request--and make your own sundaes. We had new cups to use, too.

At 7:00 we made New Year's signs and worked on a survey.

8:00 This year's puzzle was pretty hard! It was a 300 piece I Spy puzzle and it took us a couple of hours total.

At 9:00 we played a new game.

We also had a cupcake snack!

We have had a Scooby movie every year we've done this and it's getting pretty hard to find one we don't have. This one ended up being lots of spoofs of TV shows Jack had no clue about.

When we opened the movie at 10:00, Alice had just given up.

Jack dozed off during the movie, too, but he woke up briefly at 11:00 to open up a new book and watch a bit of He-Man.

By the time midnight rolled around, he was out of it. We tried to wake him up for the countdown, but he barely stirred.

My favorite pictures of the night--those are strawberries in Jack's cheeks.

Happy 2012!


Phyllis said...

We did something similar with bags of fun, but we did not even attempt to keep the little ones up til midnight! :) Happy New Year, friends!

Kendra said...

you know, our boys have still yet to make it until midnight. ;) Then again I'm REALLY sneaky and I roll the clock back so they THINK they've made it. :D

The Unsell Family said...

What a fun New Years you guys had! Scooby Doo has always been a favorite around here too.