Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Friday: Skating

We were all set to stay home today, but instead, we went roller skating. The kids had never been before and the last time I set foot in a skating rink was when I was teaching, so I was a little nervous.

It was pretty crowded, so for the first hour and a half or so, Jack skated back and forth by the tables. At first he was falling all over the place, but he got better pretty quickly.

They didn't have any skate Alice's size, but thankfully I had brought our skates that fit on over the shoes, so she was pretty happy.

Jack finally decided to try out the rink, and he had a great time!

After going around once with Jack, Alice decided she could do it on her own, too. She shuffled right out there with all the big kids and made it around the whole rink without falling.

Another great part: We got to the rink a little early and I noticed we were right down the road from the buffalo statue we always pass on the way to Oklahoma City, so we decided to drive past it. They had a place to park, so we got out and went to see the buffalo in person.

The kids thought it was pretty neat to be right next the landmark they know so well. (I must say something about getting on the turnpike when we see the buffalo because once we were on a different turnpike and as soon as she heard turnpike, Alice asked where the buffalo was!)


Happy Friday!
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Ya can't roller skate in a buffalo herd