Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Friday: Staying Home

{Photo by Jack}

Today we stayed home. I am really trying to be home more. This week we stayed home three days out of five, which is much more than we have been home in ages. It was wonderful.

We had a rocky start around 4:30, but after a pre-dawn nap, the kids worked on their secret valentines.

We got all our school work done and still had time for playing outside.

And Legos.

We also pondered a great mystery of the universe: How is it possible for a toddler to pee a whole puddle on the floor, but have completely dry sweatpants? Yes, Alice has decided she is ready for underwear. Hopefully her abilities will catch up to her confidence soon.

We also had the time to make some spoonbread, which was a favorite food of James Monroe, this week's president.

Things will be picking up again soon, but it was so nice to have so many days at home this week!

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