Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

We've been enjoying the Groundhog Day books we got at the library! Maybe you don't consider a rodent coming out of a fake stump to predict the weather with 30% accuracy a major holiday, but I find that fun things make winter a little less blah.

We made groundhogs out of hearts.

Groundhog snacks have to be the most labor intensive snacks around. I think the one on the right looks more like Wilford Brimley than a groundhog. (That's supposed to be snow around the "dirt"--in case you couldn't tell.)

They were tasty, though!

See groundhog snacks and activities on my Groundhog Day Pinterest board!

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Phyllis said...

Lovely Groundhog's Day! We had a fun one, too!