Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun Fall Break: Camping!

 There was not a regular Fun Friday post because Wednesday we went camping and we didn't get back until today!

 There was lots of playing at the park.

 And my dad made a stick swing for the kids right by our camping spot.

 Even Alice could use it!

 There was soccer, too--and they only had to fish the ball out of the water twice!

 And there was inside playing, too (There's A Moose in the House).

 There was time for walks...

 ...and races.

 I think this is one of my new favorites.

 We spent quite a bit of time by the water, but no one caught anything.

 I think my dad spent about twice the time working on fishing poles and untangling lines compared to actual fishing time.

 My mom cooked most of our meals over the fire.  It worked out nicely that we had burgers Friday night since that was listed as one of Bill Clinton's favorite foods.

 Helping shake the pancake mix

 Roasting marshmallows

 I'm not sure who these kids' grandparents are, but they cannot be my parents.  My parents would never have made a trip to the store just for candy, and certainly wouldn't have made a list to get everyone's favorite kind.  My parents probably would have made me drink a V-8.

 It was cold in the morning, so we started around the fire.

Nights wrapped up with SpongeBob on the Kindle.

Now it's back to the real world, where I can't finish a book a day and the smoky laundry is piled high!


Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

Looks like a fun, fun time!

Kendra said...

Ha, I miss camp fires. We can't do fires here in the summer, usually fire bans state wide. I was thinking the SAME thing about Mom when I visited her, I was actually attacked by a cupboard full of marshmallows!