Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Weekend!

 Jay had to work Saturday morning, but we still had a nice weekend.  The kids played, I made cookie dough (come back here in the morning!) and in the evening, Jay and Alice watched Cinderella for their first Daddy-Daughter Movie Night.

 While they were doing that, Jack and I watched the first three episodes of the new TMNT series.  (Have you read this article yet?  You should.)

 Today we went to my mom and dad's for Sunday dinner for the first time in three weeks!  On the way, Alice kept talking about how tight her seat was--and it was.  And it was filthy after two and a half years of road trips and errands and we could not get the cover off to wash it.

After dinner Jay and I went to Target and came back with a new big girl seat!  She was just about as excited as Jack was to move out of the little seat.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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Natalie said...

THESE PICTURES ARE PRECIOUS!!!!! I love the one of you and Jack--absolutely frameable!!!!! The ones of Alice in the carseats are hilarious--the first one makes me think she is saying, "HELLO!!!! I'm SO beyond this baby seat!!!" ;) Personality plus!