Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Visit to the Doctor

You know the saying about the shoemaker's children going barefoot? Well, the same thing seems to apply to doctor's children, at least in this family. Alice has not had a check-up since she was two months old. Our new insurance didn't kick in until January and then I was just kept forgetting. I realized that I needed to get her in before her one year visit so she would hopefully not have such a traumatic first time, so after asking everyone for recommendations more than once, scouring the internet and stewing over it for a few weeks, I finally picked the first one I called.

A few days before the appointment, I realized that my kids have only been seen by Jay's colleagues, and I started to get a little nervous. What if there was something strange about my children that they just weren't mentioning out of professional courtesy? What if I was a bad mom, but they just weren't telling me? What if this doctor was for cribs only and thought homeschoolers were freaks?

In the end, it all went fine. I seemed to score major points for still nursing Alice, and Jack told the doctor that not only was he homeschooled, but he had read a ten chapter book on the way from our house. Ha! That kid is the best. Alice turned out to be fine, too. 20 pounds, 2 ounces. If I were a better mom, I could tell you how much she has gained since birth, but I am only so-so and can tell you she weighed 8-something. I'll have to look that up. It did make me feel good that we had finally switched her out of her carrier the night before, though.

Her last ride in her old seat.

Riding in style in her new big-girl seat!

Now we've got two more months until both kids have check-ups!


Jay said...

Don't worry, I still think homeschoolers are freaks.

Rachel said...

Now I just gotta know who you picked! Inquiring minds want to know! *wink*

Lauri said...

I had to laugh that you have not taken her to the doctor in all this time. I guess when Daddy is a doctor you will know if there is anything REALLY wrong so its ok. :) Glad it was not traumatic. And I love how proud she looks in her new car seat! What a cutie!

Angela said...

So who did you pick?