Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Dining Room

When you move into a new house, people tell you to be sure and post lots of pictures. But sometimes the place is too much of a wreck to post pictures. Lately, though, I've gotten the urge to start decorating (not that I've done anything about it yet), so I thought I'd post some pictures to serve as "before" shots.

First up on our tour is the dining room! We have waited a long time to have a formal dining room. When we met with a kitchen designer, he told us that formal dining rooms were old fashioned, so we figured it would be perfect for us!

Our dining room set is from Paula Deen. It was on sale the week we closed, so when we moved in, our furniture consisted of Jack's bed, an entertainment center, a small kitchen table, and a full dining room set. Priorities!

As I've said before, I love being able to get to our nice dishes easily. In the picture above this one, you can see the cheap glasses I found at Target that go so nicely with our wedding china.

This is a set of juice glasses that I got from my grandma. I loved these when I was a little girl. They don't see a lot of action, but they do get more use than our pink champagne glasses you see back there. It turns out that you can register for a lot of frivolous stuff if you wait until you are 23 to get married. That might make an interesting post sometime...

So there you have the dining room. I will do my best to get some more pictures as tidiness allows!


Amber said...

The floors are beautiful! a formal dining room will be in my final house too. Thank you for sharing.

Jared said...

You forgot to mention that the table is big enough for all the 3rd edition Space Hulk missions. jeez..