Friday, April 16, 2010

Bug Out 2010

Jack's first Bug Out was in 2006.

We've attended every year since then (2007 is above), and this year was no exception, even if the drive was (a lot) longer. Also, the gardens will be closing soon, so it was worth the 6:30 departure time.

Jack was excited to get the bugs. (I'm not sure what's up with this face. It seems to be his new picture pose.)

I keep thinking that as he gets older, he'll be more patient and go farther in before he releases the ladybugs. So not true. We had to stop at one of the first plants.

Alice got to participate, too!

She let them crawl all over her and even waited about two minutes before trying to eat one.

Apparently my kids like bugs.

Eventually Alice realized the ladybugs had all crawled away.

We took some time for a few pictures while we were there.

Could his eyes be any bluer?

Jack wanted to make sure we got a picture of what he calls "The Mazzio's Sculpture"--I'm sure the artist would be thrilled!

More pictures to come soon from the rest of our day!


Julie said...

So Fun. Lovely photos.

Michele said...

What great fun, Jen!

Goddess Lauri said...

I love Alice with the buggies all over her! I was thinking about her eating them as I saw this and and glad she waited a while before she attempted it. LOL
And, the whole Mazzio's sculpture thing just made me sad bc my kids don't really know Mazzios. :(