Friday, November 1, 2013

Artist Study: Dali

 Our artist for October was Salvador Dali.

 Of course we used our old stand by!

 We've also used this book quite a bit lately.  It gives a nice, simple rundown of the different styles of art along with some examples.

I found this book at the library and it was way more detailed than we needed, but we did go through it and find some other examples of paintings where Dali used the melted clocks.

 I read about The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Salvador Dali on a blog when I was looking for activities and ended up ordering a cheap used copy.  This was a really nice book!

 We've had The Usborne Book of Famous Paintings for a few years now and as you can see by all the tabs I have marked, we make good use of it!

 All of the project ideas can be found on my Artists Pinterest board--at least I'm pretty sure!  This was a collage activity where they were supposed to cut images out of magazines to make a surrealistic picture, like this weird baby cat.

 I really love how the elephants (based on this picture) came out!

Alice wanted to go ahead an use pastels on her elephant, too.  She kind of likes them.  In fact, she's using them as I type this.  If I don't finish this up soon, we'll have an inch of chalk pastel dust in the school room.
And of course we had to make our own melted clocks!  We used Model Magic because it is so much easier to work with, but the downside is that it is not as sturdy as clay.  Alice broke hers in half when she pressed down on it too hard!

 We also had some themed snacks this month, starting with mustache milkshakes!

Mustache cookies!
This was supposed to be a melted clock cake, but it turned out looking more like a peanut--but it still tasted good!

Mustache cupcakes!
Since there is a temporary exhibit at Crystal Bridges we are doing some schedule shuffling and moving our Georgia O'Keeffe artist study to November!

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