Saturday, November 23, 2013


 Alice recently finished up a unit on squirrels.  Some of the books we used:

 We used some of the printables from Homeschool Share's squirrel lapbook.

 Another graph!

 I pulled out our Draw Write Now books and Alice loved them!

 This is the squirrel she drew!

 A few days later she brought me this picture of a squirrel with a Thanksgiving turkey.

 Of course we hunted for acorns, and we still had the same red scarf Jack used!

 We also read about some other types of squirrels in our Fun With Nature Take Along Guide.

 Just about the time we were starting the unit, we got Kate DiCamillo's latest book, so we even had a squirrel in our read aloud!

 I haven't read Gooseberry Park with Alice yet, but it's a great chapter book with a squirrel as one of the main characters.

We also ended up with a squirrel in one of the books we were reading for Oklahoma history!

We've moved on to some Thanksgiving learning and then it will be time for Christmas fun already!  Yikes!

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extraordinary ordinary whimsy said...

How long did you spend on squirrels? Or do you usually spend covering one topic? I'm a new(ish) homeschooler and look forward to exploring unit studies more.