Friday, November 15, 2013

On the Road

 We took another field trip today to go along with our current artist study--more on that in a few weeks.

 This was actually the first picture, but then we realized that the baby doll had photobombed it, which is why they were trying not to laugh in the other picture.

 We went to Bentonville to visit Crystal Bridges.  (I wrote an article on the museum recently for MetroFamily, but we hadn't been back since our Norman Rockwell trips in the spring.  I don't think I blogged about it, but after we missed out on the show the first day, we went back four days later to see it!)

Jack spotted a Rothko, who was one of the artists they learned about recently in their art class.

 And just so you don't think they're too cultured, one of their favorite things at this museum is the giant elevator, especially if no one else is on it.

 Today the weather was gorgeous, the museum wasn't crowded, and we got to walk the trails!

 So, if you have to indicate that it is art, is it really?  I am not sure about this.

 Giant leaf!

 We got to watch a deer for a little while.  Did I mention the weather was perfect?  I am so glad we get to do stuff like this.  I can't imagine them spending the day sitting in a classroom.  (My kids, not the deer--though I can't imagine the deer in a classroom, either.  Although now that I think about it, when I was teaching in Omaha a deer busted through the big plate glass window at one of the elementary schools one day.  Anyway, I'm glad I could spend the day like this with my kids.)

 "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
Happy Friday!

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