Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tales From the Five Civilized Tribes

 It's not easy to find a lot of living books for kids dealing with Oklahoma history, but folk tales are plentiful!  I first read How Rabbit Tricked Otter in college.  It's out of print now, but you can still get a used copy pretty cheaply.  This book is a collection on short tales.

 When we went to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum I found many (signed!) copies of different folk tales!  Rabbit and the Well and Rabbit Plants the Forest are both illustrated by Murv Jacob, who did the book above, but are longer stories and have a different author.  You can hear three of their other stories online here!  At the museum they had an art exhibit upstairs that had several of Jacob's paintings, some of which were 3D.  He is an amazing artist!
 We also read Saltypie and Crossing Bok Chitto, which are both Choctaw stories.  We really enjoyed Crossing Bok Chitto (meaning you will probably see it turn up on the HSS blog eventually!  ha!).

 Including stories from four of the five tribes!

In addition to all the great books, the museum gift shop also had a lot of inexpensive goodies like Amazing Grace in Cherokee and some other postcards and things with quite a bit of information on them.  I love a good museum gift shop!

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