Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Alice!

 How on earth is it that this tiny baby is five years old?!

 I absolutely love this child.  Her opera singing, her creative messes, her love for GodandJesus (you have to say it that way), her (usually) outlandish guesses at every.single.question. her brother is asked for school, her knack for sleepwalking to the weirdest places, her ideas.  All of it.

 She wanted an American Girl doll and was saving her money for one, so she was very excited to get one for her birthday.

 "Did you use my money to buy this?!"

 For her birthday party she requested a pinata.

 And pin the tail on the donkey.

 She also wanted her favorite neighbor to come to the party.

 For her cake, she wanted Angelina Ballerina and she frosted it and decorated it herself!

 3:31 picture:  Hanging out in her (completely wrecked) room with her brother and cousin.

 For dinner, we went to Coney I-lander for cheesy hot dogs and games.

We wrapped it up with The Wizard of Oz in the park!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  We love you!

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