Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Paley Collection

 Monday morning we went to see the Paley Collection at Crystal Bridges.  We got to see works by several artists we have studied!

 Jack found this one that he really liked--Alice said she thought it was because it kind of looked like some of his tie-dyed shirts.

 I thought this one was really pretty.

 For a Monday morning I thought there was a pretty good crowd at the museum.  The collection is there through July 7 and is definitely worth the drive!

 Some of the things in the permanent collection had been changed out and we spotted a new Warhol.  (Or I guess that should be another Warhol since I don't think Andy has made anything new in the last 27 years.)

 We also noticed a different Calder mobile than the one they had on display before.

 We also spent quite a while in the children's room.

 The girls built for a long time.

 While they were building, Jack was writing a story.

FYI:  It's not a trip to Crystal Bridges without a ride in the humongous elevator.

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