Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pauls Valley

 Yesterday morning we left the house around 6:30.  It's amazing how much easier it is to do that when it's light outside!

 We headed back to Pauls Valley, which we visited earlier this year with Jay.

 The old depot has been made into a museum.

 They also have this huge train.

 After I took this picture we walked around to the other side and saw the sign telling you not to climb on the train.  Oops.

 Inside there is all kinds of stuff from the area--not just train memorabilia.  The lady working there told the kids to climb in the buggy and then rolled them back and forth, which they thought was great.

 For lunch we went to the Boomerang Diner, which is next door to the Toy and Action Figure Museum.  I don't think this is what Jack was picturing when he ordered, but he made a fairly good dent in it.

 Alice's meal came in a car!

 Our next stop was Wacker Park.

 I love old parks that have all kinds of equipment!

We wrapped up at the Pauls Valley Water Park.  You can't actually take pictures there, but I did get permission.  It is a fun place to spend the afternoon if you're in the area.  Jack loved the slides and Alice loved the Lazy River.

We got back a little after 7:30--and 362.9 miles.  Our yearly total is up to 3341.1 miles!

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