Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ralph Blane!

 Yesterday was the 100th birthday of Ralph Blane, who was born in Broken Arrow and songwriter who wrote "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"--which we sing every year at the annual Christmas Eve party with Jay's old neighbors.

 There were people dressed up like famous citizens throughout the museum and they gave talks.

 Phenie Lou Ownby was the first female mayor in the state and only the sixth in the nation.

 When they got to 100 students, the teacher got an assistant!

 One of the first medical clinics was run by Dr. Franklin in the building where Jay had his first job--it was a pharmacy then.  Now it's a restaurant.

 A local rancher, Mr. Robson--I think that's right, at least!

 And the birthday guest, Ralph Blane!

We even got to have birthday cake at the end of the tour!  If you are local and you haven't visited the musuem, you need to go.  It is really nicely done and a nice size for visiting with kids!

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Brandy Taylor said...

Interesting facts about BA! Did not know that about the female mayor !