Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

 We had a nice Fourth of July (except for Jay, who had strep).

 We stayed home during the day and made yummy food, like this dip--which actually isn't totally like the link because I couldn't find chocolate cream cheese so we used strawberry.

 We also had these scones, which didn't look as pretty as the Pinterest picture but were still very tasty!

 My cousin's daughter was selling fireworks for a fundraiser so I said I'd take a pack.  I think we got a deal!

 The first one of the night:  Mr. Turtle.

 For some reason they always have to walk through the smoke.

 Watching Uncle Erik light the snakes.

 Ice cream break!

Alice and Piers liked sitting at their desk.

 We set off quite a few of the ones from the pack but we also saved some for when Jay feels better--which will hopefully be soon!

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