Thursday, October 8, 2015

CurioCity (And a Few Other Things, Too!)

 With the house on the market and the dog and everything else going on, it had been a long time since we'd taken an overnight trip anywhere, so the kids were really wanting to do that once we got moved.  At the beginning of September we went to Oklahoma City for a couple of days!

 Our first stop was the science museum, where we were looking forward to finally seeing CurioCity, the new section that opened this summer.  (Note the guy trying to not be in the picture...I was having trouble getting a good shot with the lighting, but I felt bad for him standing in the shadows, so I just quit trying!)

 A quick review: There's pretty much nothing in this section that isn't fun.

 The tightrope was a huge hit with both the kids.

 Alice liked seeing the skeleton do the same moves.

 Jack's favorite...

 He spent a lot of time in here!

 They have a gigantic play structure!

 These horses were big enough for adults to ride and each one did a different thing when you pedaled.

 There's a really big area with tiny rocks for digging and part of it has a black light.

 Water areas are more fun when you can get soaked!

 They have a dryer that's $2 and we lucked out that it was left on, so the kids hopped in!

 Back to the tightrope...

 The water table is huge!  The kids and I decided we should scrap our current house plans and build something like this instead.

 We did spend a little time in the older sections, too.  Jack has gotten pretty good at the Segways!

 We tried to go out to the Sam, but all the power was out, so they were closed.

 We took a detour and went back to our old park.

 Much of it is very different now, but there were some things that were the same!

 We had dinner with friends and then went to our hotel.  Thankfully the pool was open until 11:00, because we didn't get there until almost 8:00!

 We went back to Norman the next morning, and the power was back on!

 Hanging out in the Discovery Room

 In the afternoon, both kids went to zoo class, which was what started the plan for the whole trip!

They learned about biodiversity and had a great time.  I love the OKC Zoo's education department!

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